Our Wine

farmstead would produce wine for the nobility of the nearby castle Castel Pietra. An ancient grape press found on the grounds of our farm and now to be seen in the tasting room provides evidence for the historical significance of wine making.
Our family has been cultivating wine for three generations now. While part of the harvest was brought to a cooperative winery in the past, since 2011 the entire wine production is run and marketed directly at our farm. Thus, we can offer our guests a product grown, refined and aged on the farm.
Now we are member of the Independent Winegrowers of South Tyrol.

White Wines

Blatterle 2019
Blatterle (an old South Tyrolean variety) is a mash-up and has been in the wood for a year, it impresses with its full-bodiedness and aroma despite its low alcohol of 10 Vol%
The fresh, very fruity wine with its typical stone fruit notes such as peach and marilla, it also has light botrynotes and reminds a bit of ice candy. What also makes him very valuable is his long finish.
Müller Thurgau 2020
This original German type is widely spread in South Tyrol, especially in the Southern Valle d’Isarco. Some of the best Müller Thurgau Wines thrive here.
Kerner 2020
This white wine was developed in Germany through crossbreeding the varieties Schiava and Riesling. It is a specialty at our farm and in the Valle d’Isarco. The soil lends it a fruity aroma and a becoming freshness.

Red Wines

Rosè 2020
Ab 2016 haben wir nun einen Rosé in Sortiment. Er wurde aus den Zweigelt-Trauben veredelt.
69 Schiava 2019
69 Schiava is a Schiava planted in 1969 and never irrigated. The old clones and the never-before-seen irrigation give it a Burgundy character.
Schiava 2020
The Schiava is the most popular autochthonous red wine variety in South Tyrol. This wine is characterized by a light tanning agent content, well-incorporated acidity and fruitiness. The cherry-red Schiava reminds of red berries.
Zweigelt 2019
The Zweigelt was only bred in the past century in Austria. In South Tyrol, this grape is mainly cultivated in the valleys Val Venosta and Valle d’Isarco. Both its color, a glowing garnet red, and its aroma remind of Amarena cherries, elderberries and wild berries. The ripening in oak barrels (barrique barrels), lends this wine a pleasant note of vanilla and wood. Its taste is delightfully harmonious and full-bodied.
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