Hiking on the renon

Several hiking paths lead past our farmstead. In fact, you can start out small tours directly at our front door. Here are some suggestions:
Castel ruins of Castel Pietra
Only 10 minutes from our house lie the castle ruins of Castel Pietra, seat of jurisdiction and customs in the Middle Ages.

Keschtnweg - The Chestnut trail
This is a multiple day hike. The trail starts at the Lago di Varna and leads all the way to Bolzano. It was reconstructed and can be walked all year round. Along its way you can find several rural taverns, just like ours.
Round-trip tours
  • Rielinger - Campodazzo - St. Andreas chapel - Rielinger: Duration: 6h
  • Rielinger - Steg - Prato d‘Isarco - Auna di Sotto - Rielinger: Duration: 5h
  • Rielinger - Auna di Sotto - Soprabolzano - ride the Ritten train to Collalbo - walk back to Rielinger: Hiking duration: 3h
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