When the season hits the end of autumn, it is Törggele time in South Tyrol. People go on hikes and walks through an autumn-wonderland and stop in at rural taverns for authentic farm foods and wine. This recreational and culinary activity derives from an age-old wine farming tradition: After the wine was pressed, a hearty meal was served and the new wine was tasted. The word Törggelen derives from Torggl, meaning wine press, which in turn derives from the Latin verb “torquere”, meaning “to press wine”.
An ancient stone wine press was found at our farm, speaking for a long-standing tradition of winegrowing.
Enjoy our delicious new wine (dubbed “Siaßer”, sweet one, in the local dialect for its sweet taste) and one of Burgl’s hearty farmer’s snacks, a “Marend”, that Heinl serves with wit and humor.
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