Rural tavern (Buschenschank)

Looking back on a long-standing tradition as a rural tavern, the Rielingerhof is probably one of the most popular and rustic one of its kind in the local area.
In the past, more and more people passing our farm on the hiking trails that lead past it would knock at our door asking for refreshments. Slowly, word spread that the lady of the house always had some tasty meals to offer while the oldest of 12 children, Heinl, always had a line in patter. Thus, the Rielingerhof farm became a rural tavern, a Buschenschank, which is a tavern of sorts where farmers can serve their products (drinks and food). The name derives from the bundle of green twigs called “Buschen” in colloquial dialect that were hung above the entrance to signal the tavern was open.
Our tavern is open from the march to the end of June and from settember till november. In the evenings we are open at request only, so please call and make a reservation. Monday is our day of rest.

Spring and Easter

When the days slowly start stretching and the mountain tops are still covered in snow, at our farm, spring has already arrived. Green meadows sprinkled with flowers gradually turn the winter wonderland into a colorful landscape. The sun lures hikers out of their winter shells to enjoy the outdoors, and they like stopping for some tasty treats at our inn. Our menu offers a variety of homemade and –grown goodies such as dandelion salad, Easter ham with horse radish, ravioli, dumplings and “Krapfen” (donuts) always of course accompanied by a tasty wine from our cellar. Who can resist such temptation?
Spring is the perfect time to spend a couple of days at our farm. Enjoy plenty of peace, an awakening nature and lots of sun to warm those tired bones. It’s a wonderful period for hiking!
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