The Rielingerhof-Farm

The Rielingerhof farm’s history begins in the Middle Ages. Along with the castle ruins of Castelpietro it first appears in historical records at the beginning of the 13th century. Like most of its neighboring farms of the same age, the Rielingerhof back then was rather small and had the function of providing the castle residents with food.
Before World War II, during the so-called Option Agreement, its then owners emigrated and the farm remained vacant for 16 years. Having been plundered and severely damaged during the war, it was threatening to fall apart. The only things that survived in the house were a crucifix in the farmhouse parlor, the “Stube”, and a tabletop.
Finally, in 1956, the Messner family bought the farmstead. Our grandfather remembered that on arriving at the farm, the smallest whole in the house was the main door. Imagine the hard work which was invested into rebuilding the farm!
Today, it’s being run and worked by the family’s third generation. Our farmstead is a popular stop for hikers and walkers as well as a holiday destination for all those who seek to relax amidst nature and who value the authentic and genuine.
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